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These commentaries were written from 2001 to 2006 in association as the publisher / owner of the monthly ezine, NetNacs, that I closed after its September 2006 issue due to the demanding full-time responsibilities with USA Patriotism!


Moreover, each commentary reflects my thoughts on topics from a core belief basis and/or relative to events and issues occurring at the time of the writing . . . And many remain applicable today.


Another Cold War?

Crossing The Line

End of Times Nearing?

Everyday Priorities

Free Will and Consequences

Honest Differences and Political Ones

Intelligent Design - Creationism and Evolution

Mean Spirited (Nasty) Personal Attacks

Middle East - Religious Freedom and Civil War

Political Football Again!

Practicing Sportsmanship Beyond Olympics


Religious Belief and Political Position Conflict

Simmering Danger - Real and Present

Spark To A Fuse?

Taking Advantage of A Few Good Things!

The Common Interest

Time To Heal and Go Forward

Trust and God Is Here

What Next?


David Bancroft
Founder / Owner of USA Patriotism!
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