The Common Interest

December 1, 2001 -- Thinking about the terrorist acts on September 11th, should make every “aware” individual scratch his or her head about how so much hatred could exist towards another, especially when every faith involved espouses one particular belief.


And it is not about which faith / religion is better . . . It is about the common interest that all of them have.  Funny, how it is overlooked at the most important times.  It is even used as a reason to inflict harm for the justification of a cause or as the reason for what did happen.


Of course, I am only one person with a thought process based upon my life in the United States.  Still, one hopes that even the most fanatical terrorists would react similarly if one or more of their closest loved ones were to suffer a terrible death.  That is where "the common interest" should surely appear . . . which is a belief in God.


I know it is too simple to think that worshiping transcends the “human differences” that set Muslims, Jews, Christians, and other God based faiths apart.  However, one day all those who use “in the name of God” as a reason to kill and injure others will find out exactly what God wanted them to do in his name.


Hoping for the common interest to prevail and that all enjoy their respective upcoming religious celebrations in peace.


David G. Bancroft
Copyright © 2001
All Rights Reserved

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