Another Cold War?

December 1, 2004 -- Russian President Putin is starting to concern me.  It appears that his old Soviet KGB style is becoming more evident as government control is being exercised over media and other areas that are contrary to a democracy.  I wonder if it has always been Putin’s intention to bring Russia back to super power status, which he might think can only be done from more of a totalitarian approach where dissent and competition are easily eliminated.


Just look at the recent presidential election in the Ukraine.  One cannot help thinking that outside involvement in this corrupted process took place.  Remember, how the Soviet Union used to control satellite countries like Poland, East Germany, and Czechoslovakia.


Hopefully, what is going on in the Ukraine and the restrictions in Russia will cease and be reversed before it leads to a very serious impasse that could cause another cold war.  And if it does happen, it could be considerably worse with terrorists and regional rivals playing wild card roles that could trigger confrontations based upon national security reasons for respective powers.


Where would an antagonistic Russia and/or China stand in a war involving India and Pakistan or Israel and an Arab state?  Just imagine a sophisticated terrorist attack starting one of these regional wars with the intent of drawing in the USA and its allies against Russia and/or China.


Now, it could be that Putin might be more concerned about China’s growing economic and military power than anything to do with being competitive with the United States.  One would then think, Putin will eventually see the wisdom of becoming a true ally and working with the USA and its European neighbors for the good of all the collective citizens.


Of course, there still remains China’s leaders true intent, meaning a new cold war might be inevitable even if Putin plays nice.  China could sure do more about resolving the North Korean nuclear issue.  Why would anyone want to risk a possible military confrontation between the USA and North Korea unless...?


David G. Bancroft
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