What Next?

November 1, 2002 -- The serial sniper attacks in Maryland and Virginia along with the rash of terrorist attacks in other countries should make one wonder about what might happen next.


Just think of the fear and negative impact created by terrorist organizations using the same sniper approach of killing innocent individuals from a distance over weeks and months in multiple locations through out the United States, Australia, England, Russia, France, and elsewhere.  How would the authorities handle these terrible atrocities knowing how long it took to end the Maryland / Virginia sniper case?  And remember, it was a boast by one of the killers that resulted in a quicker resolution and preventing at least one more shooting and possible death.


Then there is what might have already been sneaked through ports of various countries.  Even the intensified security efforts in the United States have not safeguarded the ports of entry from weapons being smuggled in by terrorist groups like Al Qaeda . . . Not a very comfortable thought going forward!


Hopefully, the Homeland Security Department bill will be finalized here in the USA shortly after Congress returns from the elections . . . and not be used as a political football anymore.  And the same goes for the leaders of other countries that require increased efforts against terrorist threats.  It is about protecting the respective citizens.


Moreover, none of us should become complacent on the war against terrorism, because it might be the difference in preventing the use of mass weapons of destruction or at least minimizing their result.  This prospect should be enough to keep all of us alert towards suspicious activities.


David G. Bancroft
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