Intelligent Design - Creationism and Evolution

October 1, 2005 -- I suspect some of you who see the above title to this Perspective might have a quizzical look on your face.  Well, it should not be the case if you believe God does exist regardless of your faith or where you reside on earth or elsewhere. 

Let’s first take a look at the theory of Intelligent Design (ID) as stated by the Intelligent Design Network… 

"ID holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause rather than an undirected process such as natural selection . . . In a broader sense, Intelligent Design is simply the science of design detection -- how to recognize patterns arranged by an intelligent cause for a purpose."

Now, keep in mind . . . that God is all-powerful, has always been, and will always be.  Then why should there be a problem accepting that anything is possible involving God including . . . intelligent design where creation did occur followed by evolution?


Nor is it about discussing everything in human terms and only what can be deciphered by scientific method.  Again, God created the “Big Bang” along with all that was before and that has followed.  So, creationism is a fact of God, which does involve the process of evolution. 


The real question here lies in . . . when God created our known universe and mankind itself; and in turn, the evolutionary process.  Moreover, science and logic applies on this basis . . . as only God knows the timetable of His intelligent design. 


That is why those who are literal about man being created as stated by the Bible cannot be considered wrong, as God could have done so while still leaving us to believe by scientific method that the earth and universe are billions of years old, evolving accordingly.  How would we know differently if God intended it to be so? 


The same truth occurs for the pure evolutionary theory . . . as God’s time is infinite.  God could have created humans during the evolution process or defined the first ones of our species as man, giving free will then.


And while it is not my intent to preach a specific timeline of God’s intelligent design, I do hope all who believe in God keep in mind His intelligent design might not have a time reference from a mankind perspective.  Then there are those who ignore that God is real or look the other way . . . I wonder what they think about God having the final say?


David G. Bancroft
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