Religious Belief and Political Position Conflict

August 1, 2003 -- While I have no intention of forcing my beliefs of faith on anyone. I do need to vent some of my frustration concerning those individuals who support certain causes for political purposes that are opposite of their personal / religious beliefs.


How can anyone justify this separation of practicing a way of life that is so contrary to his or her stand on issues as a politician? Where can the integrity be found with these types of people?


Moreover, it would be very interesting to see the complete record of every politician who supports conflicting issues to their religious beliefs. Of particular interest, are those who have modified or completely changed their positions over their political careers . . . And reading minds might be the only way to ascertain the real truth from the "parsing" explanation that these politicians would most likely give.


Having to compromise one's firmly held beliefs and practices to be elected also seems contradictory to "properly" serving your country.  Oh, I understand the need to compromise, but most of us will not cross the line when it comes down to a fundamental religious belief / principle that are deep rooted . . . Hearing a politician state a belief on a personal basis and then "try" to explain an opposite position for political purposes is the highest form of hypocrisy to me.  It makes me think about what other untruths this person is capable of voicing.


In fact, it amazes me how so many can ignore this conflict by voting for a person who is being dishonest to himself or herself.  And while I might not agree with a person whose personal and political beliefs are the same and have remained so, this individual will have my respect.  These are the ones who will never be accused of "going against" their principles either.  (I am not talking about the Hitlers, Stalins, Saddams, and Bin Ladens . . . I am referring to politicians in a free democracy.)


Of course, I am only one human trying to do my best . . . but at least I know that there are certain questions that God will never ask me about when I am held accountable for my earthly life lived.


David G. Bancroft
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