Political Football Again!

October 1, 2002 -- Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, third party supporter, or an independent, I hope you, like me, are getting very tired of the political football game that is going on in Washington D.C. right now.  And I am talking about everything . . . not just the Iraq and Homeland Security issues!


Pointing fingers and blaming one another has become a pathetic excuse of representing the people for the good of the country . . . when it appears to be all about what is best for my party and me until the election is over.


Both parties are also guilty of taking too much credit and pointing the finger of blame for what took place in the previous Presidential administration and what has happened in the current one.  The Democrats and President Clinton did not single handedly create the long-term good economy during his tenure . . . as the Republicans were partners being the party in control of the House and Senate.  Nor is President Bush and Republicans responsible for the economic downturn . . . as it did start the last year of the previous administration.


Moreover, Democrats have strongly supported President Bush and his administration in fighting the war on terrorism . . . a true bipartisan effort that shows what the U.S. Congress can accomplish on behalf of the people and what is best for the USA.  I sure liked the political atmosphere involved here while still detesting the cause of it.


Of course, there are difference of opinions on both sides dealing with national security, the economy, and other critical issues on behalf of the people.  It just sickens me that positioning oneself for election is what we must endure for now while slow to little progress will take place on all but a few issues that are in both parties best interests.


David G. Bancroft
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