Trust and God Is Here

February 2005 -- It is very interesting as I reflect on what has transpired over my life and in particular relationships with others, social attitudes, and conviction of faith.

And for those young readers, especially under 35, looking into a mirror you will one day notice something more than just a few "natural" gray hairs. I am not sure when it will happen to you or when it occurred with those closer to my age or older . . . It just happens!

Some even have this moment at a very young age, which might be associated to a devastating life event like the loss of a child, spouse, a near death experience, spurned love from their soul mate, or possibly a life altering financial event. I am sure there are many American and other countries' young troops, who are considerably different in what life means to them since they joined their respective service . . . and none more so than those tested in combat.

Yes, we all have this moment that never leaves us . . . and with varying responses to it.  Some might just be aware of it as a maturing process in thought and action over the years . . . seeing older, wiser eyes of yourself and thinking about the whys, hows, and whens that lead to this life's point.  Others might . . . hmmm . . . I will just let your own experience and imagination come up with other "real" examples.

I hope you will find some aspect of faith involved in your thoughts right now, as most of us believe in one almighty, divine being, who is referred to by different names depending on one's actual religion . . . Mine is God!  There are also many, like me, who believe in Jesus Christ.

The point I am trying to make here is the fundamental need to have a belief in God, Jesus, your loved ones, friends, the people you vote for, the leaders of your country, and others that impact you directly and indirectly in action, thoughts, heart, spirit, and all the other complex reasons that make us individually unique . . . yet relying similarly on trust.

Simply put, trust is the critical component on how we accept and react . . . which comes in varying degrees / levels.  It can be blind or marginally above distrust.  Moreover...

  • Can you have faith / belief without trust?
  • Can you fall in love with someone who you cannot trust?
  • How would you feel if someone close to you betrayed your trust beyond repair?
  • How critical is trust of those who you care?
  • How has broken trust impacted you?
  • Were you honest with yourself in answering the above?

Yeah, you have to also trust yourself . . . So, hopefully, you should see that it all comes back to having trust, which happens to be my life's foundation that is unflinching in God . . . even when trust issues elsewhere might cause temporary surface cracks.  You might even identify with the respective intent of my new poems... Trust, God Is Here, and Brave Young.

Special note on Iraq and the Middle East… Imagine if trust spreads and deepens to those in Iraq trying to circumvent democracy taking hold there. Right now, we can hope that real trust among all factions there will find root for at least the sake of their children, who would then one day be ambassadors of democratic change throughout the Middle East...  and by example not bloodshed.


David G. Bancroft
Copyright © 2005
All Rights Reserved

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