Mean Spirited (Nasty) Personal Attacks

June 1, 2004 -- I find it sad and disappointing to see some of those involved in the current U.S. Presidential campaign using personal attacks in words and more in the all out scorch the earth effort to win the election.


Do they even care what type of "real" message this nasty meanness is sending to...

  • the people in other countries, especially the friendly ones?

  • the majority of voters, who are not involved in the campaigns?

  • our children and teenagers, who actually are taking the time away from video games to notice?

  • elected officials from both parties, who already are too deep in partisanship at all levels?

  • our troops serving in Iraq and elsewhere?

  • the terrorists, who want to see internal discord and play on it?

Saying that all will be well once the election is over will be a lie, regardless of who wins . . . if this acrimony is continued to be viewed as personal by all concerned.  Partisanship might reach levels so bad that it might actually be necessary for the voters to clean all parties of those interested in only politics and not doing what is best for who they are suppose to represent. 


Moreover, there are those in the media, who appear to enjoy this ugly side of politics.  I understand and support freedom of the press, but it is not hard to sense biasness seeping in, as well.  It would even be nice to see the media remind all elected officials about the wrath of an unhappy electorate that is brought about by failure at representing the people! 


And for those who are unhappy with America for whatever reason . . . then think about if America had never been.


David G. Bancroft
Copyright © 2004
All Rights Reserved

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