December 1, 2003 -- What have you been doing today . . . and just a few minutes ago?


What about the type of year you have had? . . . Was there more good than bad?

If the year was more bad . . . How so, relative to those you know or just elsewhere that really had a much worse time and might still be experiencing a prolonged situation?  (My sincere wishes for better times to all who find themselves described with this reflection.)

What is your attitude about life in general?


Can you explain what came before the big bang that doesn't involve celebrating Christmas, Hanukah, Ramadan, and all other special holidays of one true God faiths?


Now . . . if you are thinking about skipping the rest or clicking away . . . you might be one of those who try to segment personal belief from your public life. Hmmm . . . I just described what some well-known politicians and celebrities do all the time.  Then there are terrorists and the like, whose actions are falsely rooted for whatever the purpose.


Okay, I know that life is complex and I am certainly not looking down from above. Still, each of us is accountable whether you are willing to admit it to anyone else.  Ignoring or pretending differently works only for so long . . . and never for the one living the pretense.


Just like being subject to following the law, we all will one day be judged similarly with self-denial and one self's interest not an acceptable defense.  Then there is the one on one review that seems the most likely process . . . meaning no attorney present regardless of one's financial status or importance beforehand.  True equality here!

Scratching your head now?


Well, I hope that a majority of us who celebrate our faith in one God are reflective about our lives and try to remain focused on what it is really all about.  Personally, I understand that no matter how bad or good it is for my loved ones, friends, and me many never even experience much beyond bad . . . and that physical life is the preparation step to determine our eternal one.


David G. Bancroft
Copyright © 2003
All Rights Reserved

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