Always My Little Ones

Deep rooted emotions
and a joyful smile appear
when thinking of my children
now grown
as still my little ones
with memories so vivid
of the first time that
I saw each of them
upon their precious birth.

They are God's
most wonderful gifts to me,
who I love
with all my heart
whether near or far apart.

And the same is so very true
for their little ones,
which my own now share
with understanding
of the thoughts and care
always there
for each of them.

Then I smile again
thinking about my mom and dad,
knowing that I remain
their little one too.

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2006
All Rights Reserved

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Author's Note... I found myself compelled to write this poem after another reading of my poem, Little Ones, that I wrote in 2004. And while there are similarities, this new one is expressed in my "I" voice, which I hope you can relate to in our own personalized way.