Little Ones

A smile appears every time
that you think of the little ones
whom you have been blessed to have
as children and grandchildren.

The love is deep
and without reservation
even when they may stumble
on their life's road,
as we all do in each our own way.

The wonderful feeling
of seeing them
running to you
with beaming smiles and happy eyes
after just a few hours apart
never leaves your mind.

It is all about them
being your little ones
whether they are...
just learning to walk,
getting ready for their first day of school,
making it through the minefield of their teens,
or being parents themselves.

And what a comfort
it is to know,
that there are those
older than you
who love you dearly
and fondly think of you
as their little one too!

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2004
All Rights Reserved

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