Vietnam War Veterans

They took the oath
to protect and defend
their cherished USA
knowing that they
could be among the ones
sent to a far away land
with a dense unforgiving jungle
filled with deadly animals
and even worse,
the Vietcong.

Proudly, these brave Americans
fought for country's sake,
limited to not crossing a line
where true victory waited
for the political will
that never came,
causing so many more
to join the fallen,
on their black memorial wall,
and the wounded warriors
paying the price
for the rest of their lives.

These valiant troops
deserved only
thanks and praise
from all their fellow citizens
for what they did as ordered
with the blame and disrespect
going to the political leaders
who sent them to Vietnam
unwilling to do
what FDR and Truman did
in World War II.

Let there be no more
American wars
without victory
and the troops
coming first!


David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2011
All Rights Reserved

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