Thanks For The Memories

Turn the lights down,
bow your head,
lower the flag to half mast,
in honor of an amazing man,
who so many
had the pleasure to see,

His comedic gift expressed in words
and timing was never a task...
More like the enjoyment
of strolling up
to his favorite first tee.

Born in England 100 years ago,
who would have thought
that his mark would be so great...
going well beyond being a movie star
and having an annual Christmas show,
remembered fondly by the US troops
and their family members
without debate.

He was there
to lift the spirits of the young,
in the many wars
from World War II to Desert Storm,
bringing smiles and laughs
from all these heroes unsung,
bolstering their spirits
whether it was bitterly cold or very warm.

A true patriot,
who sadly is no longer here,
Bob made life a little easier to cope,
especially for those with battle's fear,
and deserves our thanks for the memories...
and giving us Hope!

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2003
All Rights Reserved

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