Tears For Your Fallen

Just the thought of what
you went through
and the lasting memory
of the loss of your loved one,
who died serving
our great country
and fellow Americans
grips this parent's heart,
so very much that
words fail to capture
what truly yours must feel.

I see the little one
with those innocent bright eyes
and toothless happy grins
giving those adoring big hugs
out of pure, unconditional love...
even now as an adult.

Misty eyes, followed by the tears,
cannot be hidden,
knowing a parent's blind love
of their child can only be expressed
in memories past,
looking upwards Above in prayer,
sharing words with loved ones and friends,
and somber visits to the grave.

And while there will always be
that tremendous pride
in valiantly being there
for country, fellow citizens, and you...
nothing can ever replace
seeing your little one grown,
walking through the door
and giving you
a happy, loving smile
and a big ole hug.

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2005
All Rights Reserved

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