Spouses Serve Too

From the very first ones, who answered the call
for the sake of our beloved America's independence...
with many like them since then
and yet to come...
having a very special loved one
with them in heart and mind,
provides an inner strength to return home
for the happy, loving embrace that anxiously waits...
each thanking God for prayers answered
that it was without injury
or the very sad comfort
of holding Old Glory folded
in remembrance of the last tender touch.

Nor does their relationship change,
when together at home or away,
no matter what the orders say,
and the duty that must be done...
as spouses serve too,
regardless if,
they do not have to salute...
with many handling all the family duties,
including their children,
whenever apart.

And it is easily seen ...
after service to America is done,
when the title is now... Veteran
with the spouse proudly by
the honorable loved one's side,
still enjoying the life shared,
as a veteran too!


David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2013
All Rights Reserved

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