Scenes of Wonder

Wind sweeping across the land
mindless of it being grassy, rocky, or sand.
Ocean waves breaking upon the shore
as they have done endless times before.
Moisture laden clouds drop their tears of rain,
cleansing the air on the way to replenish and sustain.
The lingering taste of food
that is oh so mouth watering good.
Music and song so beautifully heard,
capturing emotions that cannot be described by word.

A warm embrace with the one you dearly love
with humble thanks to almighty God above.
Proud parents looking at their little one
with tears of happiness for this precious life just begun.
A little boy playing with his favorite toy
with no other cares in the moments of his joy.
A smiling teenage girl anxiously in wait,
thinking of this night being her first date.
Tearfully seeing the loved one from war
walking through the front door.

Scenes of wonder are so much more
that one can easily explore
by simply closing the eyes,
letting your mind visualize
what lies deep within...
without concern of where to begin.

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2006
All Rights Reserved

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