Remembering When

The first gaze upon their naked innocence,
The feel of joy so intense,
The sweet whispers of assuring love,
The little eyes searching for the voice above,

The first steps without a fall,
The running after a ball or playing with a doll,
The day 'ma ma' and 'da da' were heard,
The sentences streaming beyond one word,

The mixed emotions on their first day of school,
The interesting times with the car pool,
The first football and baseball thrown,
The dance recital with beauty shown,

The growth spurt into a teen,
The start of self-independence seen,
The nervous excitement of their first date,
The difficult conversations when they were late,

The pride in their various skills,
The shutter at paying some of those bills,
The kisses and hugs regardless of their best,
The tears that fell when they left the nest,

The time is today,
The path taken is the military way,**
The love still strong, magnified by ten,
The parents always there while remembering when!
A little boy's smiling innocence

A proud parent's son and Marine

**Alternate verse ... "The path taken is their own way"

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2003
All Rights Reserved

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