Ray, A Great Man

While words can
only provide a glimpse of a great man
who went by Ray,
it is hoped that they will convey
the love so many felt for him
and the same he showed for them
in his own caring, strong silent way.

Ray was a wonderful husband and proud father of ten,
who in return was blessed
with precious grandchildren and great grandchildren
along with having the deep admiration
from others related to him by blood and marriage.

Ray was a great patriot too
with deep respect and love of the USA
and Old Glory's red, white, and blue,
which he showed repeatedly
in his proud, honorable military service
in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam...
receiving the Distinguished Flying Cross,
four Bronze Stars, and more
for his heroic efforts.

And what made Ray
the man he became and remained...
was his enduring Catholic faith
that was rooted in a deep love
of God and His Son, Jesus.

Now, Ray is where he
deserves to be,
basking in Divine presence,
and looking down upon us
until we are blessed to join him.

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2008
All Rights Reserved

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