Proud To Know

I thank fate for the young man met,
With so much talent beyond the net,
A creative gift with a good business sense too,
He came across the sea to make a life new,

Strong in will with noble heritage,
He drinks in his USA stay like his favorite beverage,
Excelling on his own,
Setting the foundation for his new home,

Going forward as a loving husband and dad,
That helps to soften what made him sad,
Relieving youth’s pain that was once bad,
Even to the point of being mad,

This young man should have no regrets,
He has done so much… and won the bets,
With still so much to give,
In the many more years to live,

Thoughts of a father’s pride,
Makes this friend confide,
That I am always here,
Even if the young man just needs an ear.

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2003
All Rights Reserved

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