Patriots Among Us

There are patriots among us,
who have given so much
to our great USA
in their own noble way.

They do so each day
for what we all hold dear
in our land of the free
and the home of the brave.

Many patriots are the valiant ones
wearing the uniform
with Old Glory proudly shown,
doing their honorable best as duty calls.

Some patriots are the well known
entertaining our troops
wherever they serve,
even in harm's way.

Other patriots are our elected,
representing with the intent
to do what is best for "We the People",
regardless of political consequences.

Most patriots are women, men, and children
known to only a few,
letting their actions speak for themselves
and who happen to be a neighbor too.

You see... being a patriot
is not limited to wearing the uniform
or being famous . . . it is about
showing love and pride of America!


David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2007
All Rights Reserved

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