Patriot First!

He is fondly called Lieutenant Dan
by the troops who proudly serve the USA
in remembrance of his inspiring role
in a great movie called Forrest Gump...
but more so for being a caring man,
who has tirelessly supported them everyday
with his only goal being...
to lift their spirits,
to boost their morale,
and to always remain their fan.

Wearing love of country on his sleeve,
Gary Sinise is about making you believe,
that it should always be about patriotism first,
extending a helping hand to others in need
with the only purpose to succeed
like Gary has done for the innocent Iraqi little ones,
while always honoring our daughters and sons
wherever they may serve... wishing them Godspeed.

So, let's give Gary Sinise a standing ovation
for his noble vocation
that places him in the company of Hope and other
unselfish stars who together
have brightened our troops' days
in so many ways...
out of heartfelt thanks, respect, and praise.

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2004
All Rights Reserved

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