Patriot Charlie Daniels

You can see it in his eyes
and hear it in his voice
whether he is talking
or singing proudly
while fiddling only as he can.

It is his love and unyielding support
for all the troops
who are and will always be there
no matter the time or day
for our great USA.

And so Charlie Daniels goes
where these young brave American warriors
serve with honor strong...
representing "We the People"
and carrying Old Glory's
red, white and blue for all to see.

Charlie Daniels ... like Bob Hope, Wayne Newton,
Gary Sinise, Fred Travalena, Toby Keith,
John Wayne and the other memorable ones...
gives his heartfelt all
to entertain America's defenders,
speaking with them too,
and bringing a little bit of home to each one
and none more so than those in harm's way.

Let us all salute patriot Charlie Daniels
for his love and pride of the USA
that he fosters so very well.

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2007
All Rights Reserved

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