Our Heroes, America's Best

They come from all walks of life,
Never seeking tribute for doing what was thought right,
Just going forward regardless the danger's rife,
Knowing that ultimate fate could come any day or night.

These are the ones who came to sow,
Seeds of freedom, liberty, justice and more,
To a new land many years ago,
That became what all who declared and fought for.

These are the ones who bled,
In the wars against tyranny,
Leaving the battlefields stained red,
Oh, so young and many.

These are the ones who protect,
From fire, disaster, and the lawless,
Going wherever to detect,
Keeping our country safe from duress.

These are the ones who explore,
Beyond earth's reach,
Into the stars they soar,
Allowing our dreams to go beyond the breach.

All are what make our country proud,
Passing the honor, duty, and courage test,
Making it easy to praise them loud,
As they are our heroes, America's best!


David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2003
All Rights Reserved

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