One Nation Under God

It stands tall and free,
fifty states united;
A family of diverse people,
rooted firmly throughout its expanse.

It survived internal bloody turmoil
that would have divided;
Maturing from this scarring lesson,
slowly growing into equality for all.
It keeps an open gate,
allowing more to seek a new home;
Giving them the opportunity
to strive for better and be free.

It remains vigilant and strong
against all who dare
to test its will,
whether to defend or help another in distress.
It is beauty and splendor...
Splashed by the rolling waves of the Atlantic and Pacific,
trimmed with beach sands, rocky cliffs, and glacier fjords,
blanketed by fertile, productive green plains,
adorned by majestic snow covered mountains,
accented by lush forests, deep canyons, and stark deserts,
quenched by bountiful rich lakes and flowing rivers,
shared by a diverse animal life, including its bald eagle.

It is the symbol of freedom and strength,
being able to vote and bear arms,
guided by fairness and righteousness
under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
It is Old Glory waving under clear blue skies,
the right hand over the heart or in salute,
our great country, the United States of America,
"One Nation Under God!"


David G. Bancroft
Copyright 20
All Rights Reserved

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