Noble Good Being Done

I see the news reports everyday
about what is going on over there
in the places where
our valiant troops are in harm's way
doing their very best for the USA.

And oh, it is so very sad
that most of the news is about the bad
just like it was the day before
instead of more
about the good being done
by America's honorable young.

And where would our proud nation be
if during World War II all were able to see
the daily bad our greatest generation had to endure,
knowing that their good did insure
that Old Glory remained flying high
under America's free sky?

And while every American has the right
to know the terrible costs of our country's fight,
I still prefer the news of the noble good being done
that gives hope to the war being won.

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2007
All Rights Reserved

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