National Will

There comes a time when
it is a matter of now,
not about why...
looking back to then
and voicing how
to what was unknown
that events have shown
since the decision was made
to come to the aid
in the name of liberty,
while safeguarding you and me
living in America, the land of the free!

Remember the times of past
when the USA even came to a noble fight last
due to confusion or debate over a collective stance
and who would lead the political dance,
even occurring after America stood tall
to meet the dire challenge that could bring Her downfall
and of another time lost that is reflected with a wall.

And while it is every American's right
to question any fight,
we are all here today
enjoying our right to have our say
in our great country, the USA,
only because of each generation's national will
to look beyond self ... and fulfill
their debt for being here
and preserving all that we hold dear!


David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2006
All Rights Reserved

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