Music Legend Patriots

Four men grace the stage
with their devout faith in God
and pride of their beloved USA
deeply rooted to their core,
wonderfully performing every song
with the grateful audience soaking in
every word of their remarkable
harmony and individual leads,
whether it be...
Elvira, Colors, Mama's Table,
G.I. Joe and Lillie, American Beauty,
This Is America, Sacrifice For Me,
a Gospel great, or another country hit.

They are the legendary Oak Ridge Boys...
Joe Bonsall, Duane Allen,
William Lee Golden, and Richard Sterban,
who perform for their fans and all,
as they live life
giving 100%
in doing their very best
and remaining themselves...
true American patriots
sharing their God given talents
with deep appreciation
for our brave troops and veterans.


David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2013
All Rights Reserved

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