I Miss

I find myself wondering where
the time has gone
from my life's early dawn
to this day sitting in my favorite chair,
not from regret or despair,
but from what I now know
and all who have made it so.

Oh, how I miss friendships
that are now clips
of the past
with hope they will endure to the last.

Oh, how I miss
a loving hug and sweet kiss
from my mom when I was so
very young those many years ago.

Oh, how I miss dad
always being strong, never sad,
when I was a child back then
and even when I became big at ten.

Oh, how I miss
giving a loving hug and sweet kiss
to a little one
of mine when too so very young.

Oh, how I miss
the first lingering kiss
with you my loving dear,
who blesses me still so very near.

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2006
All Rights Reserved

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