Love You Mom

Mom, the love you have shown through out my years
brings this child of yours to grateful tears.
You have always been there,
no matter the why or where,
always now and with so much tender care.

The sparkling twinkle in your eyes
that have seen their share
of little white lies,
happy times, and sad goodbyes
will always be
a fond constant memory with me.

And oh, how sweet is your smile,
which is a wonderful part of your motherly style,
even appearing when you tried to be stern,
and usually triggering one in return
regardless of how angry your little one might have been,
whether now or when just ten.

You are a precious gift from God above
who has blessed me
and all who share you
in our family tree
and your many friends too.

Mom, thanks for just being you
and know that you have my unyielding love.

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2005
All Rights Reserved

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