Just One Man

I am just one man
who has tried his best
to follow God's guiding plan
to meet each life's test,
knowing the right done
would not necessarily be fun
and at times seen by none
whether as a friend, husband, father, and son.

I have tried to do by example
for those who depended on me
with the hope my life's sample
would positively impact them in some degree,
especially the ones who I have bounced on my knee
and the one who shares them with me.

I am just one man,
who will continue to do what I can,
accepting the few regrets
and my human debts...
but will always hold fast
that changing the past
could never be
if I had to compromise what is me
and my goal to be with THEE.

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2004
All Rights Reserved

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