I Am An American!

It is truly a wonderful feeling
when giving thought at what
it means to say...
"I am an American!"

Sharing that great sense of pride
to call one's homeland, the USA;
seeing HER red, white, and blue flying high
as we celebrate her birth on the Fourth of July;
thinking of all those who allowed Her to be
and the so many more who fought to keep Her free,
giving it their very all
always going forward
knowing any moment that they may fall,
paying the ultimate sacrifice
in love and honor of Her call
and to protect what is so very dear...
should bring a proud tear
when placing the right hand over one's heart.

And while each of us plays our own part,
we are all equals and owe unyielding loyalty
to generations past and yet to come
to preserve our blessed USA
and being able to say...
"I am an American!"

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2005
All Rights Reserved

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Author's Note: I wrote "I Am An American!" ... to remind and inspire fellow Americans about each one's importance to what ... "WE The People" is all about ... with ... every generation's responsibility to pass it forward!