Holidays In The USA

What a wonderful time to be in the USA
when we celebrate a holiday
that was made possible by
all those who fought for it to be
with many willing to die,
knowing that they
may never see
another July 4th, Thanksgiving or Christmas day
and being able to share
the happy togetherness and a thankful prayer
with loved ones and friends who remain free
by their noble, valiant donation
to our great nation.

So, when celebrating a holiday
here in the USA
or where you might be
keep in mind that "We
the People" wrote long ago
only remains so
by what had to be done
for another day's sun
to shine brightly upon
Lady Liberty and Old Glory,
adding another chapter to America's story
of Her being there for all
and always standing tall
in freedom's light,
willing to use Her might
for a just cause and to make right.

Enjoy the spirit of each holiday
and give thanks for doing so in the USA!

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2004
All Rights Reserved

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