Holiday Blessings

Oh, say can you hear
that this wonderful time of the year
is a celebration for all we hold dear
and why we are here...
enjoying it with loved ones near
and in prayerful spirit with those away
with many serving in harm's way
for each of us and our blessed USA
on this special holiday.

So, remember that all the glimmering lights,
glorious sounds, faithful thoughts, and other joyous sites
that make this time very meaningful for you
in the land of Old Glory's red, white, and blue
could have only been
for the brave women and men
who made it so many years ago
and who have continued to bestow
our priceless American freedoms to do so.

And none more than to express our love
to a divine God above
whether in silence or for all to hear and see
as we each believe.


David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2007
All Rights Reserved

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