God’s Patience

Jesus Christ The Redeemer in divine presence with God His Father!


I wonder about God's patience wearing thin
with all that HE sees below HIM
beyond all doing right for those in need,
repenting for their misdeeds,
holding HIM high in esteem,
knowing HE is supreme.

It is those HE sees who purposely ignore,
for selfish reasons including personal gain,
one or more
of HIS ten laws that all should strive to maintain.

It is those HE sees acting falsely in HIS name,
never accepting any blame,
no matter how bloody or deadly the end,
resolutely unwilling to make amends.

It is those HE sees under Satan's hold,
corrupting the innocent young in evil's mold,
spreading falsehoods so bold,
causing pain and suffering untold.


I wonder when
God's patience will wear thin,
causing the return of HIS Son
to have HIS will be done!

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2004
All Rights Reserved

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