What God Avowed

What God Avowed


A chill should run down your spine,
witnessing terrible, sad events now on time's wall
that are so very far from the One divine,
tricking many more to do evil's call.

Succumbing to this false fear
by closing your eyes so not to see,
covering your ears so not to hear,
and pretending to be sincere
does not change what has come to be
nor forgives the betraying of what you truly believe.

The cold blinding winds of wrath
will sweep across your false path,
carrying you where others now reside
who too chose to decide
what free will allowed,
but not what God avowed. 



David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2006
All Rights Reserved

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Author's Note:

A reminding message about God's gift of Free Will to all humans ... that allows all to make respective decisions on their earthy road ... while still subject to His final judgment ... on one's choices as He avowed ... through His ten commandments!