Saluting The Gipper

He earned fame as a movie star
and then transformed a nation with a positive vision,
leading us to a new high by raising the bar
with his determination and more than one brave decision.

He drew the line against oppression and tyranny,
standing tall and bold in front of many
demanding the tearing down of the Soviet's wall
that resulted in the cold war thaw.

His gift to communicate as a friend
made it easy for us to accept
that his reasons given were not pretend
and his promises would be kept.

He made no excuses for who he was,
being himself whether in Air Force One or on his horse.
He remained resolute regardless the political buzz,
and won many to his inspiring course.

Ronald Reagan's legacy will endure,
as a caring man and great President for sure.
And honoring him every June 5,
is most fitting to keep our memory of the Gipper alive!

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2004
All Rights Reserved

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