We all have those we know,
some from childhood and others just recently,
with each relationship unique
in type, time, and value…
and each considered a friend.

Just think of those…
enjoying time spent with you,
listening silently about your good or bad,
advising you when even the truth hurts,
helping you find a new job,
being there for you when it really matters,
willing to do what it takes,
caring about what happens to you,
smiling or tearing at those shared moments,
having trust in you.

Friendship has no bounds…
It is there in family, intertwined with love.
It can be with a neighbor, business peer, and classmate…
or even an online acquaintance yet to be met.

Friendship is a two way street
that has its bumps and detours along its path
that can even become impassable at times…
but never lost if it is true!

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2004
All Rights Reserved

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