Freedom's Gift To Iraq

America sent her troops to Iraq
to bring freedom to all
with no intent to relax
or ever turning her back,
letting terrorists and others to maul
and destroy in heartless attacks
what so many bled and died to bring and protect.

Just look at what has been the effect...
a proud people waking to a new dawn,
their evil dictator's regime gone
and rid of the oppressive tyranny
that executed so very many
and took from others a precious limb
to cultivate fear or just for pleasure's whim.

And think about Iraq's little children,
who now have a chance to learn and play
without fear of losing their parents to Saddam's men,
and grow-up free each day,
being able to make their own mark
in freedom's light that has replaced anarchy's cruel dark.

Freedom has its cost,
as was the case with America's birth
and the allied effort in World War Two.
So, it is the same for Iraq with the hope hers will never be lost,
that its citizens will remember all who helped with great mirth...
and live in prospering peace too.

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2004
All Rights Reserved

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