Country's Sake

The boy with bright blue eyes
hears the words of what was done
and what did happen to the one
just a few years older.

The boy imagines the flying bullets
as the severely wounded brave hero
pulls others to safety
before death's final call.

A sense of amazement and pride is felt
before the sharp retort of the rifles' salute
reminds him of the now
and the sadness all around.

Then he hears the crisp first note
of the bugle's call of Taps
and is struck by its solemness
that brings the first tear.

And after all those years,
the man still vividly remembers that day
when he heard Taps played for a fallen
the very first time.

Nor has the feeling changed
when heard today,
as it remains the same
for all who pay the ultimate price...

Each served with honor for country's sake
and deserves prayers of gratitude and pride,
showing that we do care
for being there!

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2005
All Rights Reserved

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