So many choices one must make,
Walking down life's rocky road,
Starting with steps of innocence all take,
With loving parents, who bare the load,

Knowledge gained as one grows,
As the questions never end to learn more,
With the teen years going from highs to lows,
In the identity and self-independence war,

Then adulthood beckons with shoes or not,
As the walk going forth,
Leads to the climax of your plot,
Whether it be south or north,

Old age comes quickly once there,
Looking back for what could have been,
Pondering if all was fair,
While possibly stroking your chin.

A smile appears with watery eyes,
As your life ends its earthly stride,
Knowing the choices are all about when one dies,
Determining whether or not you sit at HIS side.

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2003
All Rights Reserved

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