Bravely Served

They are the ones
who bravely served us all
doing their proud, honorable best
meeting every difficult test
wherever duty called...

storming Omaha Beach as bullets and more rained down,
fighting inch by bloody inch on Iwo Jima to raise Old Glory,
holding the horde back on the frozen Korean land,
winning every battle in the jungles of Vietnam,
going to the enemy's mountains after the 9/11 attacks,
freeing the oppressed in a land of sand,
standing watch in a friendly land,
and always on the ready when at Home.

And they share a noble bond with those now serving,
having past the torch to do the same for our cherished USA...
and ready to welcome them as veterans too!

All deserving ... sincere thanks and praise for being there!

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2009
All Rights Reserved

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