We Call Her... Boots

They gave her Boots
and Buddy to her twin brother,
as nicknames upon their birth
that became firmly part of their heritage roots,
thanks to their caring father and mother,
who did so out of love and a comic strip’s mirth.

And while life became mean
at the age of nineteen
upon the news of the tragic loss of Buddy
in the hedgerows of Normandy turned bloody…
Boots’ tears did eventually dry,
knowing that her twin was eternally secured
with God well beyond the earth's blue sky,
which is a comforting thought that has endured.

Boots' faith in our Creator
can easily be seen now, many years later,
in the way she looks and smiles at you,
even when she might be a little loud and upset too…
as her love is unwavering, constant and true.

Another gift of her loving style
is her natural, funny side
of just being Boots,
which easily can make you smile
and even cause anger to subside
that involves difficult disputes.

Boots is also called Mom, Maw Maw, and GiGi
by the gift of birth to and from her children and theirs,
who love her very much.
We thank God for being part of her family tree,
always keep her in our prayers,
and hope for many more years of her sweet touch!

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 20
All Rights Reserved

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