On Bended Knee

On bended knee
I pray to THEE...

Watch over all our loved ones
be it friends, parents, spouses, daughters, or sons...
as they serve us all,
proudly standing brave and tall,
never wavering from their country's call,
knowing that they may fall,
paying the ultimate sacrifice
with only memories of them to cherish and suffice.

Give the troops strength to endure...
remain focus, steadfast and sure,
throughout each day of their tour,
keeping our homeland safe and secure.

Comfort those they love,
waiting anxiously for safe return,
in hope that faith in YOU above,
softens their heartfelt concern.

Protect this great nation
against all who conspire directly or with facade,
as the intent of America's noble creation
was based on being under one God.


David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2004
All Rights Reserved

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