Beacon of Freedom

Take a look at what has been...
when other countries have achieved,
with power supreme,
spreading their reach beyond their shores
to conquer, annex, and dominate
a land not their own,
bringing foreign rule to another nation’s home.
Even history calls many great empires
with some bringing civilization to those enslaved,
who still did eventually rise up to repel.

Yet, it cannot be said of America...
Born out of freedom
to practice one's belief without oppression,
growing and maturing with a citizenship so diverse,
America has always stood tall,
answering the call,
using might to protect Her own
and defend others when in need.

Bravely have our young women and men given their all,
with so many staining a foreign land red,
their collective, valiant efforts easily seen,
and possibly nothing more satisfying than the children
being able to sleep safely in bed...
then leaving once the enemy dares not to tread.

And while others might say differently,
they do so falsely for their own gain,
ignoring the simple proof of history
that shows what could have been,
if our great nation had chosen a different course.

It makes one give thanks
for the Divine Hand,
Who has guided America to Her destiny...
a Beacon of Freedom,
shinning brightly even in the darkest of times!



David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2003
All Rights Reserved

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