It is fighting against all odds,
For the sake of liberty and justice for all,
Forced to defend this right in 1812,
Leaving no doubt about our independence gained,

It is venturing west with a dream,
Forsaking comfort and security in the original thirteen,
Setting new trails and family roots along the way,
Courage sustained by faith to make the next day,

It is surviving our country’s rebellious adolescence,
That saw brother against brother in a bitter civil war,
Overcoming the hardships and spilt blood that it brought,
And giving freedom that eventually led to equality sought,

It is diversity of origin, color, belief, thought, and creed,
All coming together as one in time of need,
Going forth to fight for our country till the battle is won,
As done in all wars, against terrorists, and whatever may come,

It is going to the moon on a learning quest with danger rife,
Developing drugs to cure disease and improve life,
Inventing technology from the telephone to electronic mail,
Having the chance to try and be... even attaining the Presidency,

It is seeking peace and harmony while staying on guard,
Never letting our resolve to wane,
Preventing what could be worse than September 11, 2001,
Reaching out to avert more poverty and war’s pain,

It is defending the way of life and gifts of freedom enjoyed,
Answering destiny’s call and the challenge of malcontents,
Always supporting our troops wherever they are deployed,
Standing proud for what our country represents,

It is just being… Americans!


David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2003
All Rights Reserved

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