American Sacrifice

Foreign soil unknown to them,
innocents in a land of terror
duty calls their name,
yet they go with no malice.

Some go to report the chaos.
Others go to build and teach.
All go as AMERICANS with
pride flowing red, white and blue.

All taken as hostages
in the terrorists' pure evil goals,
while families can only pray and hope
for their loved ones' safe return.

These PATRIOTS fall by the bullet or sword,
while doing their non-combative roles,
evoking strong emotions from us all
as we mourn their cruel, untimely loss.

Let us honor these brave, noble souls
who were used as helpless pawns,
and paid the ultimate American sacrifice...
for our great nation's sake.

David G. Bancroft and Gary Leineweber
Copyright 2004
All Rights Reserved

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