America Always There

America has been there
for Her sovereign friends
when against the wall of despair,
helping to resolve and cleanse.

America has even gone to war,
where Her brave troops bled red and died
with many not making it beyond the shore
and their graves sprinkled on an ally’s countryside.

America has remembered the citizens of those defeated,
lending aid to feed the hungry and rebuild,
staying until Her role was completed,
and leaving with friendship instilled.

America provides aid to the sick and poor
in countries struggling from disaster and strife,
giving medicine, food, water, and more
with the hope of making for a better life.

America is there against terrorists’ violence,
working with friends to defend,
going where necessary to silence
and end this evil trend.

It is what America is about…
a nation of freedom and rights,
always there ... standing resolute and stout,
never wavering in Her friendships and just fights!

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2004
All Rights Reserved

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