Acts of Faith

Faith is required everyday
and not just in one way…

Faith is a child’s trust
of a parent,
when the purpose is unapparent.

Faith is a spouse
believing in one’s mate
during the most difficult strait.

Faith is taking
your child’s word,
even when sounding absurd.

Faith is a soldier
moving forward under enemy fire
in situations that are very dire.

Faith is supporting the troops,
in time of war,
regardless of its bloody score.

Faith is extending a hand,
even to someone unknown
from a foreign land.

Faith is a positive mindset
when facing life’s tragedies
including death’s threat.

Faith is a good deed
for another in need
with no intent of gain or greed.

Faith is staying true to God,
even when being subjected
to Satan’s evil façade.

David G. Bancroft
Copyright 2004
All Rights Reserved

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